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Summer Tour 2003
Wreck You Tour
Love Affair Live 2018
Love Affair Live 2017
Wildfire Tour 2016
I'd Still Have You 2013
2 0 1 2
2 0 1 1
Along for the Ride Tour 2010
Greatest Hits Tour 2010
2008 Tour
2007 Tour
Farewell...For Now 2006
July 2005 Tour

Express Yourself

The Fear of Being Alone

Whatever You Do! Don’t!

That's Exactly What I Mean

Down To My Last Teardrop

Halfway Down

Drive South

Better Days

Nothin’ But The Wheel

You'd Be The One

Not Enough To Stay


I Don’t Paint Myself Into Corners

The Boys Are Back In Town

You’re Lookin’ At Country

I Fall To Pieces

Satin Sheets

Next In Line

You Can't Lose Me

Over My Shoulder



 We All Sleep Alone


And You Don’t Remember

All In Your Mind

Causing A Commotion

Into The Groove

Just Like Jesse James

No You Don’t

Melt Away



Where Are You Now

Paint & Pillows

Woman Walk The Line

All You Need To Know

I’m Yours

Say Goodbye

Powerful Thing

Got There First

Try Me Again

Come Back When It Ain't Rainin'

Run, Baby, Run

Good Is Good

It Don’t Hurt

The Rising

Working On The Highway

The Promised Land

Tunnel Of Love

Thunder Road

Love Didn't Listen



Two More Bottles Of Wine

Tradin’ Down

We’ve Got Tonight

Lovin’ A Hurricane